We now have a full time airsoft airsmith at the Chesapeake Virginia store for all your repair and upgrade needs for airsoft AEG's and GBB's.
Blackjack Tactical in Chesapeake is dedicated to providing high quality and affordable airsoft products to the Hampton Roads area inclucing Williamsburg, Gloucester, Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, Smithfield, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk. Airsoft is an enjoyable hobby, but it can be very frustrating due to the many low quality airsoft products being sold on the internet. We have dedicated ourselves to only selling quality airsoft products that hold up on the playing field and can be repaired by our technicians. The majority of AEG's we sell are Echo 1, JG, Dboys, SRC, VFC, KWA and Classic Army. KWA, Y&P and WE are the primary gas guns we sell. We limit ourselves to selling the UTG L96 and Classic Army M24 sniper rifles, less expensive sniper rifles just don't hold up.
   The majority of issues we have with airsoft guns that come in the shop for repair are caused by use of poor quality airsoft bb's. Normally they are bargain basement .12bb with seams that cause their guns to jam up. It's very important to understand that these poor quality bb's will not only make your airsoft gun shoot poorly it may permenantly damage your hop up bucking or worse yet damage your gear box. Generally if you go with .2g bb's your AEG or gas pistol will work fine.
Airsoft scene in VIRGINIA: Styles of play in this area break down into 3 different classes. back yard games, organized fields and milsim in Virginia.
Backyard games: The majority of airsoft players in this class they either have a large back yard, privately owned land or vacant property. It is very important for these players to keep their orange tips on their airsoft guns. Chances of encountering law enforcement is rather hight and you don't want to get shot by an over reacting police officer who thinks he has encountered a criminal with an assult rifle.
  Propper tactical trousers, coats, pants, shorts, BDU's and ACU's and  is the line of clothing we sell. We stock a complete variety of Tiger Stripe, Woodland, Digital Woodland, Marpat, Desert Digital, Multicam, ATACS FG, ATACS AU, Subdued Digital, BDU belts, riggers belts and accessories. Tru-spec is another line of clothing we carry. Tru-spec combat shirts carried are Woodland, Digital Woodland, ACU, Multicam, Olive Drab, Khaki and black.
  Tactical gear carried is Condor, Voodoo Tactical and Vel-Tye. Plate cariers, tactical vests, load bearing vests LBE, battle belts, molle, hydration carriers, assault packs, 3 day assault packs, medic pouches, M4, M16, AK47, P90 magazine pouches, roll up dump pouches. Also tactical gloves, rapelling gloves, hard knuckle gloves and nomex gloves are kept in stock.
  NcStar and UTG products are also carried scopes, red dots, reflex sights, lasers, bipods, risers, tactical scopes, sniper scopes, rails, risers are all at our shop.
  Making para cord bracelets has become very popular in VIRGINIA. 550 para cord bracelets are easy to make and are very popular gifts. Red, Black 550 cord, Blue 550 cord, OD Green 550 cord, Brown 550 cord, desert 550 cord, bright green 550 cord, yellow 550 cord, pink 550 cord, purple 550 cord. Also paracord braclets and para cord buckles are kept in stock. Another item that is a big hit is our dog tag machine. We can manufacture personalized dog tags in less than it takes to write your name for the dog tags. It only costs 10 dollars for a single set of dog tags. Another really popular item is our selection of pepper spray, we have a dozen different types of pepper spray and OC spray. From Key Chain pepper spray , jogger pepper spray or law enforcement strength OC spray. to back up the peper spray we also carry stun guns, they type of stun guns we sell are over 3 million volts and have a safety which prevents it being used against you. Besides the stun guns we also have expandable batons, 31" batons, 28" batons, 22" batons. To conclude if you can't make it to our shop please visit our ebay store and see what we have....Jefro
  Tiger stipes is a very popular pattern in VIRGINIA and our store have several Tiger Striped patterns. Atlanco Real Tiger Stripe, Propper Asian Tiger Stripe and Rothco Vintage Tiger Stripe are all kept in stock in our store. The Atlanco is the most popular amonst reenactors due to Real Tiger Strips  was the pattern used in the Vietnam era movie Green Berets and is know as John Wayne Dense Tiger Stripe.All three patterns of Tiger Stripe are 100% cotton.
  Multicam has become an integeral part of our Army serving in Afganistan, there is speculation that multicam will become the dominate Camo used by the US Army replacing the Universal Pattern presently used by the Army, We carry multicam combat shirts, trousers, coats, molle gear and plate carriers.
 Atacs is a brand new camo pattern divided into two types. ATACS AU desert pattern and ATACS FG Foliage Green pattern. Both camo patterns are extremely effective with private contrators, special military units, paintball players and airsoft players.

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