Blackjack Tactical Airsoft Repair and Upgrade Services

Our Airsoft Store & Repair Center is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Open 7 days a week, there is a gearbox tech on premise Monday through Friday. On the weekend we can still take in guns for repair, peform minor repairs and diagnostics. If it is a gearbox repair turn arround time is generally around a week depending on the current work load. All upgrade and repair services come with an warranty for the work.

Repair Pricing

Most diagnostic services are free.

External work:

Tightbore barrel install - $15 or Free with the purchase of a barrel
Hopup unit replacement - $15 or Free with purchase of hopup unit
Various body work - Free to $30
Connector swap/replace - $15

Internal Work:

Gearbox repair - $60+ parts
Mosfet installation(mosfet supplied by customer) - $60
Note: All internal work comes with shim job, gearbox lubrication, and aoe correction.

Parts Pricing

Prices are rough estimates to help with internal work estimates. Real prices vary by brand.

| Metal tooth piston - $20 | Upgrade gear set- $30 | Improved stock gear set- $20 | Tappet plate - $15 | Spring guide with bearing set - $20 | Anti-reversal latch - $10 | Trigger assembly - $15 | Cylinder head - $20 | Air nozzle - $12

Upgrade and parts information:

Airsoft Range Upgrades:

The number one upgrade to improve your airsoft guns performance is correctly adjusting the hopup and using a quality BB that is the appropriate weight. Heavy BB's such as the .28, .30 or .32 provide the best accuracy, range and hitting power for most AEG or GBB guns or pistols. Some AEG's may require hop up work to use these heavy bb's, but you will find the added range and accuracy very rewarding.

Tightbore Barrels:

Tightbore barrels will also improve your airsoft guns accuracy and consistancy. Adding a barrel extension suppressor replica will allow you to use a much longer tightbore barrel than would normally be used. All barrels much be cleaned frequently in order to maintain accuracy.

Hopup bucking & nubs:

These are used to improve range accuracy and provide the ability to hop heavy bb's. The bucking and nub is where your guns accuracy starts. Not all buckings work with individual AEG's so some experimentation will be required to achieve optimal performance.


Normally gearboxes should not be opened unless they fail. If your AEG motor grip gets hot this is a sign that your motor depth is not correct or your gearbox has high friction. Some AEG gearboxes are not shimmed the best and can require excess current to drive the gearbox resulting to high motor heat. Shimming a gearbox should only be attempted to trained technicians or technically minded individuals who are patient and enjoy a challenge.


High Torque motors achieve the best results in most AEG's, higher rate of fire, quick trigger response is what a good high torque motor deliver.

Upgrade compatibility

Many inexperianced techs buy upgrade parts without reguard to their compatability. A particlar tappet plate, spring guide, piston or gear set may not all work together as desired. This must be factored in when upgrading your gearbox. Most parts in your gearbox are perfectly fine and only a quality shim job is required to obtain optimum performance. Don't just toss in a bunch of upgrade parts in your gearbox you will have nothing be problems.